How To Safely Build Your Wealth By Investing in Residential Land Without Any Debt.







It’s new. It’s innovative.
And it’s low risk – no loan required.
Amazing but true.

Read on to learn how you can take advantage of this little-known
property investment strategy…

It’s A Myth That You Need A Large Deposit And A Loan To Invest In Property

  • Do you feel frustrated watching your superannuation, shares or property investments going backwards in the current down market?
  • Do you want to achieve much higher investment returns, and don’t want to take on the risks and headaches of a large mortgage?
  • Have you seen or read about property “hot spots”, where prices are soaring by 10% or more per year, even while the rest of the real estate market is sluggish, and you want an easy, low-risk way to profit from them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then
what follows could be the most valuable information
about property investing you ever read.

The problem with property investing is “the loan”

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could invest in property without needing a loan?

After all, property always performs well in the long term. Although property prices have ups and downs, investors typically expect property to double in value every 7 to 10 years.

The problem is that the interest payments, rates, land tax, insurance, maintenance and other holding costs all eat into your profits, as well as cause you financial stress. And if interest rates rise, or if you lose your job or can’t make the payments for any reason, you could face a big financial setback.

Can you just imagine how much more profitable – and how much less stressful – it would be to invest in property if you didn’t need a loan?

Does that sound impossible?

Well, here’s the good news, it isn’t because…

We know an easier, more profitable way to
invest in property.

This is NOT negative gearing. NOT commercial real estate. NOT renovating.

It doesn’t take much time and you won’t need to run around town making dozens of offers on properties. In fact, it’s ideal for people who are busy with a business or career.

It’s a strategy that can help you get comfortably wealthy in property, too.

And the best part is, there’s NO loan required. NO interest repayments to make. NO holding coland banking strategysts.

This all means two things for you…

You can leverage your investment for maximum capital growth – without the burden of being in debt to a bank.

Bigger returns and potentially more profit: because you’re saving so much in ongoing costs, the returns have beaten both residential and commercial property by a huge margin.



land banking investing strategy


So what is it? And will it work for YOU?
Read on to find out more…


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We’d like to introduce you to a little-known
property investment strategy… an opportunity
that’s only become available recently.

Here’s why: thanks to the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 and the economic recovery following those events, banks are still not giving developers money the way they used to.

That means developers are stuck with a huge problem: they need to build properties to meet rising demand in hot markets across Australia. But because they don’t have access to the money they need, they’ve had to delay many of their projects to preserve cash.

That’s where their misfortune is your
rare opportunity.

Why? Two reasons:

  1. They do not have all the funding they once did, for the number of projects they had planned to develop today, so they are off loading some of those projects. This means that if you know where to look, you can acquire property at wholesale prices and in some cases, some really good areas too.
  2. We’re talking about “the cream of the crop”. One of these hot spots reported a whopping 12% surge in growth in the last 12 months according to the Australian Property Monitors, and is forecast to grow by more than 10% in the next year.
  3. You can secure these properties without a loan and without interest payments eating into your profits, when you discover how to apply the strategy.

It’s the real deal!

property on lay-buy

This may sound almost too good to be true. But rest assured, it is true!

To explain how it works, let me pose this question to you…

“Have you ever bought an item on sale using “lay-buy”?

If so, you know how it works. Simply put a small amount down today, then the store
puts your name on the item, takes it off the floor and hides it out the back.

This means that you having “lay-buy’ed” the item while on sale, when prices go back
up to the normal retail price, it won’t affect you.

Your lay-buy has provided you with 3 unique benefits:

  • 1. You’ve locked in the special discounted price.
  • 2. You have an extended timeframe within which to pay the balance.
  • 3. No interest payments apply, as the price is locked in.
  • 4. You only needed a tiny amount to secure the item.

A win! Simply pay what’s left of your lay-buy when convenient and it’s yours to keep.

Well, we’ve designed a way to do exactly that with property! This way you can acquire property for only a tiny “lay-buy amount” and then profit from its growth for up to the next 7-10 years . After the initial “lay-buy”, pay nothing over the 7 to 10 year period.

This strategy is so innovative that you don’t even have any tenant hassles because there are no tenants! When prices go up it means you have a nice profit built into the investment…. without having the dark cloud of bank debt hanging over you.

In fact not only are you able to “lay-buy” the investment, you are also locking it down at a wholesale price.


property at wholesale prices

To understand how it works, consider a can of coke.

In a glitzy hotel, a can of coke costs upwards of $5. At a convenience store, you’d pay around $2. That’s the retail price. And it’s what you and I pay whether we like it or not.

Of course, the person who supplies the store with that Coke doesn’t pay anywhere near that much. They buy at a wholesale price. And they pay as little as 40 cents a can.

The bottlers they buy from pay even less – around 15c per can.

And the Coca-Cola company in the U.S. – who owns the formulation – only pays 1 or 2c per can to make the raw product.

I call this price markup process, the “Product Pricing Lifecycle”. And the reality is, that every manufactured product is priced using the same process. So the people who are involved earlier in the pricing lifecycle, are the ones that make the most profit! In fact the person who buys the product at “retail” pays the profits of everybody else involved within the pricing lifecycle.

Their profit margins are huge!

real estate investing at wholesale

Well, real estate pricing works exactly the same way...

When you buy an investment property from a real estate agent, you end up paying the “retail price”. In other words, you end up paying top dollar.

But the big-name developers — pay much less. And they make much, much bigger profits because they’re right at the beginning of the property development process.

So if you want to make the really big profits in property, you need to get involved earlier in the pricing lifecycle.


Right now, these big-name property developers are selling some of their surplus land.

This is where investors like you have a great opportunity. The combination of high property demand, tougher lending standards, and economic upheaval has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors to be at the beginning of the development process!

We have created a strategy for you to benefit from this scenario. We have already done all the hard work in negotiating the very best deals, on the best projects, and you have the opportunity to get involved and profit directly for yourself.

And with the value of land historically tripling every 10 years, it means you have a very real chance at safely making a hefty profit and building your financial future.

residential land development

This is your opportunity to get in early in the land development process. You are purchasing land at “wholesale” prices by being part of our land investor's club.  This will give you access to deals as much as 30-40% under market value.

In addition, you also get up to 7 years to settle on the property, and during that time, there are no holding costs to you.

This amazing strategy can work for anybody who’d like to invest in property.

Julian Dawson - Millionaire Real Estate Investor

For many investors today, prices in their local areas are very high and supply is limited at the moment, so investors are not likely to find any major bargains and will have to pay top dollar for local properties.

This is when savvy property investors examine markets that are a little further afield.

Property investors who really succeed, do not limit themselves to only investing on their own door-step.

Instead, they understand market cycles and will shift their focus to wherever the best investment opportunities are at the current moment in time.

Those in the know have access to exclusive deals they can secure for only a fraction of the cost of a normal deposit.

In fact, there will be no need to deal with the bank or gain approval for finance. There will be no loans (not even interest-only loans) to service, and stamp duty and other charges do not apply to this kind of investment.

Most people find the idea of investing in property without a loan to be amazing, almost unbelievable at first!

However, it’s very real thanks to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009 and the banks unwillingness to lend to property developers at present.

I show strategic investors how to profit from those developers’ need for cash.

Using this approach, I took $20,000 and turned it into an investment portfolio worth $2.9 million in just 3 years.

These days I am retired from the job that stole 70+ hours of my life each week. Since 2002 I have been a full-time investor who also enjoys teaching my strategies. Over the past 12 years I have taught over 15,000 people. More than 1,600 people attended my events just last year alone to find out how to embrace my “strategic” approach to investing.

Experienced investors appreciate the opportunity to achieve higher-than-average returns through the leverage and lower holding costs provided by my “interest free property investing” approach. While first-time property investors find the opportunity to get started with a lower deposit – appealing!

People with an existing portfolio, especially one that is negatively geared, are happy that they are able to add property for more capital growth without increasing their debt or loan servicing costs.

In my exclusive FREE event I describe this strategic investing approach. This allows our land investor club members the opportunity to invest in high growth areas with only a small deposit, which they could even use out of their super funds and therefore perhaps not need a loan from a bank.

real estate investment success

Creator of the “Interest Free Property Investing” system.

To find out the full details of how this strategy works, we’re holding a special FREE event called “Interest Free Property Investing”.

At “Interest Free Property Investing”
you’ll discover:

  • Why this is one of the safest, lowest-risk forms of investing available.
  • How to turn your superannuation into a goldmine using “boom town” property (you won’t believe how little you need to start).
  • How to turn even low rates of capital growth into a very healthy profit (protecting yourself against a soft property market).
  • The property hot spots which are forecast to grow by 10% per annum or more (and how to take advantage of them).
  • The step-by-step formula for potentially building a $1.2 million property portfolio over the next decade (and why you don’t need to take on major risks to achieve this).
  • Why you don’t need a 20% deposit to invest in property. We’ll show you how to get in for a fraction of what you probably thought you needed, and how to possibly even use your super funds to get started.

And, much, much more

Time is limited! This opportunity is only available thanks to the global financial crisis. At the event we will explain… that as the economy and the property market both recover in the coming months, this opportunity may disappear forever!

invest in land for profit

What Other Investors Say:

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Mangrove Mountain, NSW

Bob Shepherd
Concord, NSW

Peter Lamb & Melanie Ogle
West Gosford, NSW

Dan Corn
Sydney, NSW

Who Is This Special Event For?

  • People who want to get started investing in property, but don’t have a large enough deposit or can’t get approval for a loan.
  • Investors who own several properties and have reached their loan-servicing limit.
  • People who’ve seen their super fund produce dismal returns over the last 5-10 years and want better returns.
  • Seasoned investors who want to make a higher ROI than the typical 9% per annum from ordinary residential property investments.
  • Business owners, professionals and other busy people who don’t have time to search for properties. Then on top of that buy, negotiate prices, renovate or maintain rental houses.
  • Parents who want to help their children get started in property (so that rising prices don’t lock them out of the market forever).

land banking investing strategy

A better, smarter way to invest
in real estate

We are also going to reveal Australia’s property hot spots, in other words the best places to invest right now.

One of these hot spots is located in the fastest growing region of Australia, and is now the nation’s number 1 growth spot.

We’ll tell you exactly where this is, and why it’s set to soar for years to come… and how you can invest there using our “Interest Free Property Investing” system.

Most amazingly, you’ll discover how to buy property at 30-40% discounts off market value. How to get in with a tiny deposit and zero holding costs.

How to become a property insider and invest alongside the big developers ... and attain financial freedom faster than you ever imagined.

Remember, you’re invited to attend this special event – absolutely FREE.

But you must register and secure your ticket quickly… because there are only a limited number of places available.

This will be an eye-opening event for you. So if you’re serious about your financial future and really want to get ahead financially … then secure your place now.

Acquire unlimited amounts of property.

How would you like to acquire an unlimited amount of property with almost no money down and not settle for at least 7 to 10 years, making all the capital growth with zero holdings costs?


Discover the new way of building a large property portfolio with no finance and no debt.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned property investor or just starting out on your property portfolio.

What you will learn will totally shatter what you think you knew about traditional property investing.

Discover how to secure land with your super fund using cutting edge strategies!

Acquire multiple blocks of land in historically high growth areas of 8% - 12% capital growth p.a.

Enjoy heavily discounted pre-development wholesale prices.

Secure land with just a tiny deposit (without going to the bank).

Enjoy a long-term deferred settlement arrangement of up to 10 years and have zero holding costs.

Who is Julian Dawson?
real estate millionaire

Julian was born in South Africa and grew up facing poverty and discrimination. From the age of 8 he vowed to make things different for his children. After moving to Australia in 1984, he has created an extraordinary lifestyle for himself and his family through some very simple, yet effective, investment strategies.investing lifestyleJulian took $20,000 and turned it into an investment portfolio worth $2.9 million in just 3 years. In doing so he also replaced the income he earned from his 70+ hour per week job and retired at the age of 31.

financial freedom from real estate

He moved to Byron Bay in 2002, where he lives today with his wife and young family as a full time, stay-at-home dad. Julian considers himself blessed to be living a life many people only dream of. His day is filled with leisure, holidays, family time and hobbies like customized Harley Davidson motorcycles.

profit from real estate investing

In addition to investing, Julian’s passion is educating people in how to create and grow their wealth. He has trained and mentored over 15,000 people, in the past 11 years. Sharing his investment strategies with them, helping them create a lifestyle they love, through his strategic investing strategies, allowing them to live life on their terms.

No mortgage, No rates, No maintenance, No body corporate fees, and No tenant headaches.

Enjoy the benefits of the capital growth from Day One.

Sleep soundly knowing you have the added security of several exit strategies available to you.

Register today. And discover all you need to know to take your personal wealth to a whole new level. These events fill up fast; so don’t miss your opportunity!

property investing secrets

FREE “No obligation” Personal Property Wealth Assessment

When you attend our webinar, you’ll get offered a FREE Personalised Assessment with one of our friendly property consultants.

Let us help you determine your best next move…

We know that everybody’s financial situation is different. In truth, not every property strategy is a perfect fit for every person.

And what we’ve found is that most people don’t look deep enough into growing their wealth through property.


  1. They don’t think they are in a position to take advantage of opportunities.
  2. They don’t realise that there are more strategic ways to invest, than only the traditional ways they know.

Attend our webinar and we’ll help you overcome all these hurdles and work out what your smartest (and safest) move will be to becoming a successful property investor.

There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to make any decisions or take any action based on what you’ll learn.

You’ve got nothing to lose!

And when you call, you will also receive our
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